Improving STI partner notification and treatment in AGYW

Partner organizations: Desmond Tutu Health Foundation (DTHF)



Study objectives: To co-design and evaluate behaviourally informed intervention/s to address barriers and facilitators to STI partner notification and treatment



Intervention description:

This project will be embedded in the DTHF FastPrEP-STI project. The study will comprise of two parts:

  1. A behavioural mapping exercise with AGYW who had a positive STI result at their baseline visit, who indicated that either they did or did not give their partners the STI notification slip. This workshop will aim to complete the participants’ user journey for partner notification following their positive STI test.
  2.  A participatory design-focused workshop with two separate sessions, including AGYW and healthcare providers (nurses, HCT counsellors). This workshop will brainstorm ideas for improving the partner notification process and experience and co-design a behavioural intervention (nudge) for further evaluation.



Evaluation description: Indlela in collaboration with DTHF will co-design and evaluate a BIT to improve STI partner notification and treatment in adolescent girls and young women.


Study site: Desmond Tutu Health Foundation mobile clinics in Klipfontein-Mitchells Plain Health Sub-district, Cape Town, South Africa.



 Target population:

Inclusion criteria for AGYW: AGYW enrolled in the DTHF FastPrEP-STI who meet the following criteria

    • AGYW who gave the STI partner notification slip to their partners
    • AGYW who tested positive for an STI but did not give the STI notification slip to their partners
    • AGYW who indicate that their partners received treatment for STI after receiving the notification slip



Inclusion criteria for healthcare providers:

    • Nurses and HTS counsellors working in the FastPrEP-STI project


Exclusion criteria:

    • Individuals who refuse to participate


Sample size: A subset of AGYW (n=20) from the DTHF FastPrEP-STI project and at least 10 healthcare providers. For the behavioural mapping workshop, we will enrol at least 10 AGYW. We will also enrol at least 10 AGYW and 10 health care providers to participate in separate design-focussed workshops.



Duration: 12 months