About Indlela’s B-Hub

We are pleased to introduce Indlela’s Behavioural Hub (B-Hub) that will assemble healthcare workers and care recipients to contribute to the BIT project development process. Please click on the Indlela B-Hub for more information.

Indlela B-Hub

B-Hub tests in progress

Co-design with at-risk populations and validate a prototype of the “Your Choice” app, utilising an LLM to gather data, estimate HIV risk for clients and provide a potential, tailored HIV prevention plan.

Completed B-Hub tests

Examine the role of cognitive bias in the decision to request, accept and continue on PrEP from the perspective of gay men and other men who have men.

Describe the attributes of PrEP service delivery preferred by potential PrEP clients and their willingness to pay for specific PrEP delivery models and model attributes.

Understand the drivers of increasing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa through primary source data collection utilizing surveys and interviews.

Determine the feasibility and acceptability of the Undetectable and U intervention for disseminating U=U information among discordant couples and HIV-negative adults.

Explore HCW experiences in trying to provide HIV prevention and treatment services to migrant men in South Africa and the barriers to provision of HIV services. 

Understand how to use an IVR system to improve reach of individuals eligible for HIVST, increase accurate reporting of results from HIVST and improve linkage to care.

Explore the views and perceptions of participants enrolled in the B-Hub about COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine boosters.