“From Now On” video-based intervention to promote HIV treatment among men

SALDRU researcher Brendan Maughan-Brown completed the development of a video-based intervention titled From Now On, which aims to encourage South African men living with HIV to initiate treatment and remain in HIV care. The 4-minute video weaves together the stories of three men from Cape Town communities as they share how they were able to carry on with their lives and achieve personal goals after HIV diagnosis. From Now On addresses psychosocial barriers and uses affect-based messaging to promote HIV treatment uptake and adherence.


From Now On: was created in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team including Prof Alison Buttenheim, Prof Harsha Thirumurthy and Laura Schmucker (University of PennsylvaniaIndlela: Behavioural Insights for Better Health), and Dr Abigail Harrison and Dr Mark Lurie (Brown University).